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August 18, 2013
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the Navigator by luthien27 the Navigator by luthien27
The Navigator bows deeply to his King, and solemnly pledges his life to the secret mission. He is the Empire's only hope, and his ailing King's only chance of survival.

The ancient Tree of Life is believed to inhabit the deepest, darkest jungles of the realm of Pha Thoar. For thousands of years many brave men have crossed the Emerald Sea in search of this legend, in hope that once found, the ancient Tree would grant them every man's wish ... the Fruit of Eternal Life. But none of them have ever returned to tell their tale. It is said that none has ever made it to the realm of Pha Thoar, for guarding the only path to this realm is a creature that not many dare mention its name. The demon Kraken has been the guardian to the Tree of Life from the beginning of its creation.

The Navigator sets sail towards the direction of the Emerald Sea. In his hand, he holds an ornate looking journal that his King has given him in their private audience together. He gently brushes his finger tips across the cover of the journal, marveling at strange mechanism that sits in the center of the book. Enthralled, he began to open the book, only to be dismayed at what he saw … or didn't see. There was nothing in the journal. And then he remembered that the King has told him not to open the journal until he has passed the line of division between the blue and emerald waters. For the book would only reveal its true self when it feels the energies of the Emerald crystals that lies at the bottom of the sea. The King also told him to keep the journal close to him at all times, for within those pages is the way to deceive the demon Kraken, but more importantly, the path to the legendary Tree of Life.

Three months to the date, the Navigator finally sees the line of division between the blue and the emerald waters. He nervously took out the journal and waited as the ship sails across the line of division. But before he could open the book, the mechanisms began to move on its own, revealing to him all the secrets hidden within the pages of the book. Excited, the Navigator began to read what is written in the book. So engrossed in its content, the Navigator never noticed the peculiarly large waves coming nearer and nearer towards his ship ...


Slightly thicker than my previous journals, this mixed media handbound journal combines the use of clay, paint, and an ornate assemblage of aged brass stampings, aged silver stamping, rusted hardware, an old clock gear and a beautiful red Jasper stone. Page Marker is made out of brass tone chain and findings, glass and Petrified Wood beads.

Size : 6 x 7 inches Covers, 5 x 6.75 inches Inside
Pages : Recycle Brown Kraft 110-120gsm paper, 280 pages counted both sides
Covers : Mdf
Spine : Leather, medium-firm
Thread : 4ply Irish Waxed Linen Thread, Teal
Style : Single Long Stitch

*This journal comes in a sturdy and beautifully made box.

find this and other items at
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